Club Miata Vancouver Island

Won't You Join Us for a Top Down Ride?

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Discover Club Miata Vancouver Island

Are you ready for a top-down ride?


Yearly membership dues are only $25 per Miata.
This covers the calendar year from
January 1st to December 31st.

Membership benefits include
activities such as runs, rallies, and socials.

Your new membership kit includes: 1 Club Logo Pin; 1 - 3.5"x6" Magnetic Car Sign; a name tag card for each member with a club Lanard; 2 side window decals; an annual membership roster; and access to our Club's website and forum to keep you informed and in contact with other "Miatiafiles".

To join the Club

     (1)  Please download the "New Membership Application" form through the link on this webpage. Print it off, fill it out, and mail to it our Treasurer along with your cheque for $25.

     (2)  Then please print off and sign the "General Waiver" form and submit it with your New Membership Application. Please complete an individual Waiver for each member. It is very important that both the New Membership Application and General Waiver are completed, signed, and submitted with your cheque. Failure to do so will delay the application process.

Please make your cheque for $25.00 payable to Club Miata Vancouver Island.

Renew your membership each year no later than January 31st (to keep our information up to date) by completing the Membership Renewal Form and submitting with your cheque to our Treasurer.

For our renewing members

Please download and complete the Membership Renewal Form (also available as a link on this page), update any information, sign the annual Release Statement on this form, and submit this form with your cheque for $25.00 payable to Club Miata Vancouver Island.

New Members

Please complete and sign a General Waiver for each individual joining Club Miata Vancouver Island.

One Membership Fee

One+ General Waivers 

Thank you.