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Oneness Between Horse and Rider


Jinba-Ittai   is a japanese term adapted by Mazda in 1987 during the visionary stage of the first Mazda MX-5. 

With no other light weight sports car on the market, they created their own threshold, not of speed on the track but of a sense of fun and happiness that's unique to driving a convertible.

MAZDA: Theory of Everything | We are Engineers

Members of our Miata Club are located all across Vancouver Island, BC

We drive Mazda MX-5's and Mazda Miata's

Thanks for visiting our website.  Hope to see you on the road soon.

 Renewals and  New Members

Annual Dues Are
by January 31st of each year


Payments accepted by
cash or cheque

Annual dues are $25

Make cheque payable to:
Club Miata Vancouver Island

Mail cheque to:
c/o Marijke, Treasurer
4 - 1600 Brynmarl Rd.
Nanoose Bay, BC V9P 9E1

Thank you for keeping your membership current

New Members:

Please complete both
the New Membership Application
(one per car)


the General Waiver
(one per person)

when remitting your dues
of $25

Thank you

Current Members:

Please complete a
Renewal Membership Form
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Every Year

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