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What's Happening - Club Events



Our Club Miata events' schedule is always changing as we add new runs and activities, so check back often. There's no set schedule of events and rides, as we rely on members to volunteer and host a social or head a ride to fill the calendar. The onus then falls on each and every one of our members to keep their Club active.

Want to organize a run with Club members but need some ideas? We have a great catalogue of runs already mapped out for areas all over Vancouver Island. Contact the Webmaster for more information.

Have an idea for a Club social event? Please contact the President and they will arrange to communicate it to the other Club members. Don't forget to send a copy to the Secretary so that a poster can be made up and sent out to all current Club members.

While we all cherish our pets,
it would be appreciated if you are planning to bring your pet to a social
that you contact the event planner ahead of the event
to check that it would be okay
as there may be an unfriendly welcome
when the meeting occurs
between your pet
and the host's pet.

We're informal as we have only one meeting a year... the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in March. This is when we discuss Club business and (more importantly) when we discuss runs and events for the coming season. See the list on the right hand side of this page for runs and events as they are solidified; you can also click on the calendar to view what's happening on a monthly basis in Club Miata Vancouver Island.

alt Please remember event planners are volunteering their time and efforts, and they need your input to put the function together efficiently and with the least amount of effort.  Please advise the event planner if you're planning on attend the function they're organizing.  Thanks.

Club Calendar



Annual General Meeting

March 26, 2023

Morpeth Hall, Nanaimo

All members welcome


Port Renfrew


Mid Summer Picnic 2023



Vancouver Island Show & Shine



Spud Bash



Annual Christmas Party